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img202Milton Glaser’s work never seizes to amaze me. His book designs are well known, but whenever I find a book, like The Ambassadors by Henry James, illustrated by him I add it to my collection of Graphic Design. The book itself is a utopian novel and very much worth reading, I will do this now that it is on the shelf.

img203The same endeavor applies to the record album cover art by Milton Glaser. Occasionally, one pops up like this one from 1978, where Glaser with the help of just a few colors evokes the four seasons. Yes, Isaac Stern is one of the very greatest ever!

private38 079 private38 083 private38 084from the Milton Glaser website comes this interesting poster from 1989 which with similar colors catches our attention.

glaserHenrietta Condak who designed the record cover did a lot of record covers as a designer as well as producing fine work as an Art Director. I rate her work very highly, and I cannot believe that All Music missed this particular cover in their list of credits but apparently they did so.

What a thrill it must have been for Milton Glaser to do the artwork for the record cover.

If you have never heard Isaac Stern play, listen to this five minute clip on Youtube with Zubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Spring the third Allegro