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How does one marry book culture with fashion? In the ever increasing “collector’s world” of everything under the sun, there is also a well established collecting category in books. Besides using the book to read for pleasure or “divertissement” as it would be called in hi-brow circles, there is a new area well established on the horizon called the POP UP Book.

private39 024It is the interactive three dimensional Barbie doll syndrome all over again. THE POP UP BOOK!!

If you cannot afford the bag you can fantasize over it, fondle the book, have nightmares to figure out how to pay for an authentic one, then wait for two years on a preferred shopper’s list or forget about it totally!

private39 020private39 023This wonderful book with a bag (what else) embossed on the cover was published by Thunder Bay Press, San Diego, California and made in China of course! (like most of the bags?) ISBN -13978-1-60710-087-4 or ISBN-10 1-67010-087-8. This one will be “tucked” away in my collection as a future guarantee for PROFIT (there is that “dirty” capitalist word again).

private39 021 private39 025There is a proverbial color wheel so you can vary the color of the bag in the book and select the right one for you! Just compare the two pictures.

private39 027private39 028 private39 029For good measure you get some history thrown in as well.

private39 030private39 033 private39 034 private39 035The REAL TROPHY IS HERE BELOW! Nothing personal, of course, just “free choice“.

private39 039 private39 032 private39 031I am getting a quasi guilt complex for pointing you in the direction of the right bag choice, contemporary male chauvinist that I am. A wonderful book.