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img124In Perspectives on the Arts ( Arts Yearbook 5) published in 1961 by the Horizon Press and edited by the then well known art critic Hilton Kramer, we found an excellent article about DADA. (The Arts Yearbook issues are listed in the Weingrow-Hofstra Collection of Avant garde Art)

img125img298A img298BWhat caught my eye was Richter’s description of Raoul Hausmann among the other artists he covered in this article.img299A fine resource with much material about DADA and the artists can be found here.

On the other hand, nobody is perfect as the book below is not to be found among the biography and bibliography on the Hausmann page, as far as I can tell.

hausmannHilton Kramer’s contributions to the Arts were numerous and can be reread in this book which we also covered in our latest Warhol post but here it is again.


img247The cover designer of this book is Charles Skaggs, an important book and graphic designer, as well as, an expert calligrapher but not generally well known. A good reference with examples of his important work can be found here on the site of the Smith College Libraries in Northampton, Massachusetts to which Charles Skaggs donated his personal typographic library in 2001 that includes much of his own work, viewable in an online exhibition as well.