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img904img905The father of Modern Science Fiction, the British writer H.G. Wells (1866-1946), best known for his 1898 novel War of the Worlds, inspired numerous modern writers of what is called speculative fiction. Real panic was caused by the radio broadcast with Orson Welles speaking and here is the story. I decided in this post to share the entire interview with Arthur Clarke, another Sci Fi master story teller.img907img910img911Aimg912Aimg912Bimg913img911Bimg908This story led to real panic among the listening audience, take a look at Orson Welles in front of the Microphone.

img914Above is my kind of neighbor! Looks like a double barrel to me (VP Biden would love to have him as a neighbor too!)

img909Serious pictures are to be found throughout this softcover book.

img915Was 1898 a prophetic year? We all know what prophetic event happened 110 years later in 2008! Are we ready for another “real war” soon? If you believe in the military “Shock Doctrine“, one might be coming your way probably called  the “War of the Drones”. FCC appointed emergency “political advisors” would allow national emergency spots to be aired and any dissent forbidden under the fascist CLYBURN rule dutifully ratified by the complicit new international parliament (the old sick Congress). Good night to you all and do not let the bedbugs bite!

PS. Jungle boy Kerry will be offshore on his dingy! McCain will be visiting the new mummy museum underground, and remember my old saying: You can take a man off the plantation, but you cannot take the democrat’s plantation out of the mind of the man.