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img292This fine small book It’s Greek To Me, by Michael Macrone was published in 1991! The illustrations are by Tom Lulevitch.

Learn all about these Greek Gods and their ancient wisdom before we formed our biased opinions about right and wrong and what side of the isle is best for a nation!

img293Of course, if you were taught philosophy or rhetoric in school, other than the liberal crap you were exposed to by those Political Science Professors and the resulting near worthless degrees you are still paying for or will be paying for in the near future, then this book is a funny read and lovely illustrated to boot. Never mind that I am usually wrong, like most people, but not all of the time when you think I am wrong.

img294How about that one for example? Do you know any wolves in sheep clothing (no not cheap clothing)?

img295A complicated affair that Oedipus complex stuff, my guess is you will need to be a constitutional scholar to figure it out.

img296Sounds like a Washingtonian tale to me, nobody is watching there, it is cold and snowing just like in the Crimea. Those ancients had seen it all!

Your next book to read should be by Nikos Kazantzakis, and you better hope that there is a Greek nearby when disaster strikes!