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Is the 17 trillion dollar indebted Washingtonian Kremlin drunk with its own irrational power?

In the war for the “right side” of approval among the general United States public, the two sides of the power pyramid right and left are playing the media and you like a harp. We would like you to inform yourselves and create your own independent opinions by asking the following questions: Who? What? Why? Where? When? Follow the money, your money when the US promises one billion dollars in loan guarantees to the Ukraine.

That means 17 trillion in the hole plus one more billion! Do you think you can get that money by increasing spending or by taxing the middle class? Right answer: Taxing the Middle Class. Who benefits from a crisis? THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX + BANKS + ENERGY COMPANIES (THE PLACE TO BE ACCORDING TO YOUR GOVERNMENT)+ STOCK MARKETS BEFORE IT GOES DOWN.

HERE is a YouTube video FOR YOU TO CONSIDER.

The Republican leadership made the deal with the Progressive Left Social Democrat Party without Congressional Approval to date. The NEOCON HAWKS are in bed with the Democrat Hawks to expand the plunder of Sovereign States and Peoples, with or without the help of the Russian OLIGARCH GANGSTERS and the Russian State.

Some of the instrumental Silent Partners are: GERMANY’s BASF the world’s largest chemical company and very much tied to GAZPROM through their holdings in WINTERSHALL, and their representative on the board of YES.

Not all pipelines run through the UKRAINE into Germany. On the Nord stream website you can read the following information: The Nord Stream route crosses the Exclusive Economic Zones of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, as well as the territorial waters of Russia, Denmark, and Germany.

There is a Direct Connection Between Russia and the EU and bypassing the entire Eastern Block.

The two 1,224-kilometre offshore pipelines are the most direct connection between the vast gas reserves in Russia and energy markets in the European Union. Combined, the twin pipelines have the capacity to transport a combined total of 55 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas a year to businesses and households in the EU for at least 50 years. As the project strengthens the EU energy market and reinforces security of supply, the project has been designated as being of “European interest” by the European Parliament and Council.

The rest of your research you must do for yourself! SMOKE AND MIRRORS and a lot of propaganda!