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Here are words from a man who lived before my time and who could have changed the course of history. I read a book review in the National Review, February 24, 2014 issue this week and it inspired me to write this post.

img329I reminded myself that I actually had the book mentioned in the article, but I really did not know the whole story behind it. The story is a fascinating one especially for a conservative. The superb review is by Mr. Edwards.img328AThe book reviewed by Mr. Edwards is titled Living on Fire: The Life of L. Brent Bozell the author of that book is Daniel Kelly. To make our point we post the part of the review which is pertinent to our story here.

img328L. Brent Bozell was the ghost writer for Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater’s book The Conscience of a Conservative. (underlining above is mine).

The Conscience of a Conservative became, rapidly, a now forgotten “bible” for the conservative movement in America. From the inside flap we read that 10,000 copies were printed in March 1960, had a second printing of an additional 10,000 copies in April 1960 and a third printing 50,000 copies in May 1960. That is 70,000 copies printed in 3 months and well on the way to a total sold of 3 million copies!

It makes you wonder how many copies of Dreams of My Father by a certain Mr. B.H. Obama were sold. Here is how the National Review editors and publishers missed the boat. Would it have been too much trouble to show a copy of Goldwater’s book like I do here. The reason is that every word and problem on the book flaps as outlined by Bozell and/or Goldwater then, are very much applicable to today’s political world. I rest my case! Kudos again to Mr. Edwards!

img324img325img326img327Have a look and reason Barry Goldwater was correct, in my opinion, on all points mentioned above.

COLD WAR: Compare Barry with Barack! Just look at Vladimir versus the Weakling (dripping in the Communist Ideals) in the White House. STATES RIGHTS: Under continuous attack today by the Progressive Socialists. SUPREME COURT: Today’s Farce. FOREIGN AID: Abused by your government, corrupt, and a way to redistribute your EARNED Wealth, tool of the corrupt Parties in Congress. LABOR: Government Unions, Teacher Unions are aiding and abetting the “spreading mental cancer” in society today.