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Boy did he like to eat! I never realized how much Picasso liked food untill I came across this book Picasso Bon Vivant by Ermine Herscher, published in French first of course and in English in 1996 by Rizzoli International Publishers.

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There are fifty recipes in the book with numerous photographs on how food relates to Picasso throughout his life. Have a look at this oil on canvas below.


The photographs are fabulous, the anecdotes are very interesting and full of unknown facts for most of us. Certainly not the facts that you see in museums.


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Art and food, is a fabulous combination. Art on the wall, food on the table! Or Art food on the table?

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Plates, sardines and how about chocolate cake found in the painting and a recipe on the opposite side in the book.

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Drawings, scribbles, ceramic plates, interspersed with recipes for Spanish dishes like the two below.

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It is all here, look at the bread on the table in the picture.img394

Photographs of where Picasso and his friends dined, what they ate.

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The Bateau Lavoir where he and other artists painted. (Below)

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Here is your weekend Art Food Recipe, if you can’t make this recipe, then you must go to a museum next Saturday to get inspired.