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img352 img353img354The River Don, 1200 river miles long, was considered the border between Europe and Asia in antiquity. The river basin with its tributaries is the traditional homeland of the Don Cossacks. The major town located along the river and the third largest in Russia is Rostov-on-Don, sight of tremendous WWII battles.

The 1966 Vintage paperback Giants shown above (no credit is given to the cover designer) are the two most famous books by the Russian Nobel Prize winner, Mikhail Sholokhov (1905-1984) in an English translation. The translations of the author’s works apparently have now given cause for controversy.

The books by Sholokhov were originally attacked in the Soviet Press where he was accused of plagiarizing the work of other writers at the time of publication. Understanding Russia’s mindset today also means reading yesterday’s books about its history, like the one from 1991 below:

img371img372Geo politics today means hands off UKRAINE.

img373img374Yes, yes, yes! Today’s environment and politics are different than those of 70 years ago. Comparing the Putin of today (yes I know he is ex KGB and no angel) to Hitler is another one of Hillary Clinton’s ignorant and gratuitous statement, an attempt to meddle in “foreign politics”.

Hillary’s type of statements fuel the kind of unrest it did in Egypt, in Libya and in Syria or in Ukraine today, at the behest of her pay masters. These statements are made for internal American consumption, they will not impress any foreign reader or listener knowing her debacle foreign policy records. It does improve the ignorant American people’s view that She can be the next “Leader”, yet today it does not cut the mustard anymore. That is what I know.

Advice to Hillary: Read some real history, instead of relying on your third rate college professors, and for good measure I am throwing in a few more books below.

private40 045aIt is precisely Hillary and her fellow travelers like the retired US General Wesley Clark, who apparently suffers from the younger woman disease when the wilt starts just like another General with the same disease Petraeus. Wesley Clark well known for his role in the Serbia bombings (a.k.a. the Srebrenica safe haven protector) undoubtedly will join with the military-industrial complex and their Manchurian Candidates like Senator McCain and Communist stooge Obama to ease us into another war in Ukraine.

For those National Socialist (progressive) Democrats who really do want to follow the selfie golf playing Leader, below is another quick read, since I know you cannot make it through a real pile of books any time soon.

img334img332img316 img317Educate yourself please! Time is running out! Don’t take my words for it. READ, READ, READ!