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Not all music is created equal, you can Rap all you want, you can Blues all you want or you can Jazz and Jive with Count Basie and his Orchestra. Let me explain something with this Count Basie record album (shown above). I am partial to piano pictures as you can see from other posts filed under the music category on this blog.

This is a superb, very simple, early piece of modern packaging (1976) design by Casado Design, Ltd. and John Casado as an illustrator for this Count Basie album. Below some photos of the brownish envelop packaging with a die cut out, gold letters at the bottom, showing the illustration of Basie at the piano. The actual inside sleeve is white. Today nobody would blink an eye at this piece, but almost forty years ago this was a refreshing design approach to a standard given size for the record, leaving you the only option of photos, illustration, type or packaging! Here is a Youtube video with “Shiny Stockings”.

                                                                                                                    It got even better when I found this Youtube video (below) with another one of his music pieces (1943) from this album, the One O’Clock Jump.