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The United States Flintstones team a.k.a. Laurel and Hardy were not home over the weekend. One is on a spurious trip in the Caribbean, the other, of course, in Florida on a weekend vacation. Do not begrudge either man. Running a country is a profession it has to be earned and learned no matter how many times you tell your socialist church goers that you can keep yours. There is no OJT (on the job training in old speak).

The “OLD Misaligned Dumbo Democratic EURO Regimes” are in panic but not these two “whiz” kids. Joe bite me Biden will be our Napoleon leading the troop of bankers who are invading the Ukraine next, and the other maven will have to consult with the Oracle to find out which History Professor can give him a quick update on history. Yes, Obama has been to the Ukraine previously in case you did not know.

In the mean time, the Ukraine military is testing its defensive army capabilities according to a report in Die Zeit, the German newspaper and online news source. The United States will put 300 soldiers and 12 F16’s fighters in Poland and has ordered 6 F15 fighters to Lithuania (which is a Russian speaking minority) according to Die Zeit.

You did hear that on MSNBC, I suppose.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 will be the day of the visit by the new Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Mr. Arseny Yatseniuk , leader of a Pro Fascist Coalition Government in which those same fascists hold a number of very important government posts: National Security and Defense: Dmytro Yarosh (Pravy Sektor Party), Oleh Tyahnhibok (Svoboda Party)

Writer Peter Weber of TheWeek.com (article is linked above under fascists above) does not seem to think that these “gentlemen” are very very fascist. Not the sort of Neville Chamberlain attitude we need today, in my opinion. LOL.

The fact that the Svoboda Party last year was in contact with the Neo Nazi German NPD party or the French Front National Party (extreme right) apparently did not count enough for Mr. Weber. Here is Hillary Clinton’s clarification of her Hitler statement on YouTube.

Preachers, pastors, Rabbis should voice an opinion and not allow their callous cowardice to bring us into at the brink of another war.

A very worthwhile international perspective on the current world situation and the Ukraine in particular comes from James Corbett (Corbett report) on YouTube “The Enemy of My Enemy” is shown below.