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img408What a great book cover this one is. The cover is by Antonio Frasconi.

img409Antonio Frasconi (1919-2013) was among the top wood cut artists in the United States from the late 1940’s through the eighties. Of interest is the fact that the typography was done by another artist Edward Gorey who was the art director for Anchor from 1953 to 1960 and illustrated a number of covers himself. He went on and became one of the best known children book artists covered in an earlier post.

img425In the well known 1994/1995 exhibition catalog A Century of Artist Books edited by Riva Castleman, produced for the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA, NY), we find an artist book by Antonio Frasconi and the commentary below comes from the introductory essay.

img426Granted that our book cover is not an artist book but the similarity of the head on the cover and the type of head in the artist book is striking and well done.


img424AThere is a lot to be discovered on the internet about Antonio Frasconi, another good site is here on Facebook. The Carle Museum honored the artist with an exhibition about his children’s books in 2010.

The artist Stephen Kroninger devoted a very important post in 2012 to Frasconi’s work with a good number of samples including the fabulous record covers, designed for Caedmon Records like the one below.

frasconiFrasconi also designed record covers for Folkways records, that information can be found on this site.

frasconi record coverSome really interesting Folkways cover art is found in this exhibition. The exhibition site can be searched extensively by designer.