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img366 img367 A very good read but only if you are interested in real Presidents! Too bad Paul Ryan had to comment on the book.

img384img385This era was way before my time, but with a lot of historical insights.

img365The very first book written on this very sore subject and a true classic. We knew just about all of it in the late 80’s and nobody gave a da–.

img431 img432If you did not understand it then or if you were not around yet, here is a good map from an earlier (1968) book written by Jim Bishop The Day Kennedy Was Shot

img388Perhaps it looks like this to some today.

img388 pixelThe best is yet to come, a true ex library copy, found and bought in the continental USA by me. I just love these old discards. img042Properly discarded by the institution and trust me an excellent read by a superb author.img043img045The book came from a NEWFOUNDLAND LOCAL LIBRARY in Canada. It was loaned out 8 times since 1975 and probably discarded in the 1990’s. Either the Diehard Commies are all gone or they moved to USA, or somebody does not like real informative literature in a progressive environment in Canada.

The book was published originally by Henry Regnery Co. in Chicago in 1966. This is the best read on Lenin if you want to ward off those Progressive Socialists, Neo’s who have never read anything or just plain educational spouters of Communist rhetoric who want to corrupt your mind.