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private38 013 This post is about FOOD with a Capital F.

The  book pictured above is Italy The Country And Its Cuisine written by Ingeborg Pils and Stefan Palmer with photographs by Martin Kurtenbach. (2010, ISBN 978-1-4075-4757-2 )

If you think you can work your way through this thick folio sized book  in one weekend, with 450 recipes and an explanation how to eat the true Italian way, then the answer is NO DICE! Every page and every story is a sheer delight, and selecting something to eat for my readers is really not an easy task.

Until, I got to this chapter which explains cooking in parchment paper, and I just knew that anyone could enjoy this. Next, a great food, found in about every bar in Italy, is the Tramezzini. These small fancy little bite size sandwiches can be served to your guests at pool side, or at a party. They are easy to make, good looking and an authentic taste of Italy with no limit to your imagination. First I will show you the photos, then at the end of the post the recipes.

private38 014private38 026Now on to the Tramazzini recipes. The first recipe here is to be enjoyed with a glass of wine or a beer.

img439Aimg438img440Aimg441Aimg441BHold on to that thirst for right now and read this fabulous part on cooking in parchment paper.

img442img442Aand here is the reward!

img443Take your time making this, have a sip of that fabulous local wine and enjoy! Parchment paper can also be used plain without greasing it for just about any recipe, and the clean up is no mess!