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img511Humor seems to be no longer having a rightful place in American Society. Few smiles are seen in the subway or on American streets and the supermarket. (All cartoons are from the book below)

img509 So have a look here. Substitute some of the faces for current POLITICIANS and you will get the drift. On that note, I wished Jim Lehrer in his comments on the back of this fabulous 1996 book would have taken out that vile word “enjoyable”.

img510With respect to “FOREIGN POLITICS” this will come back to haunt us!

img508AWhat do you mean “vanished“? Like a certain airplane?

img507New faces suggested here: “BEAU BARACK” vs VLAD, and in this case VLADIMIR is the winner. Interesting to notice, there is no red line here and additional “Sissy Kebabs” are not allowed in the ring.

img508BLaughing out loud saves the pen from writing a very appropriate blank blank comment. The red appropriations, in the above cartoon, are strictly mine, the original cartoon appeared in the DAYTON Daily News, February 2, 1990 and is by Mike Peters. The occasion for publishing that cartoon was the opening of a McDonalds restaurant in the hearth of Moscow. I am wondering if there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kiev!