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gentlemansviewpointYou still can not believe what is happening to your country? Try this reasonable but not the only explanation: It is Cognitive Dissonance.

I personally, prefer an explanation of the term Cognitive Dissonance with the example posted on Youtube by James Corbett from the Corbettreport.com to explain what is happening to us in society and what happens when people wake up to real issues that affect their daily lives.

In the book Society of the Spectacle, the author Guy Debord uses another type of terminology that lead to similar profound observations. Below is my interpretation of the essence of Debord’s book.

When the separation between men (people) and their “world ” is perfected (by the  media and their corporate owners, the real agenda behind politics, by induced and coerced behavioral modification through nudging, etc.), we then live in an age where men prefer the copy to the real thing, the glitter of a shining thing instead of the real diamond, the representation instead of reality, the appearance of what is true to the essence of truth or what is true. The truth about life becomes profane and the illusions we hold become almost sacred and as truth decreases in importance in society and in real life (if you still have or are allowed a “real connected life”) the illusions increase and “become” almost sacred for people. The illusion has now “sanctity“(instead of the sanctity of life and all things living), and over time illusions become truth, and truth appears and “becomes” “worthless”.

Conversations become “tweets“, engaging one on one becomes a facebook page, technology becomes “time“, privacy is lost when you are “hooked up, wired tight“, you think you are “looking out” but someone else is looking “in“. Hope becomes “exchange“, things become “goals“, the list can go on and on.