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An OPINION is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution in case you cannot remember after taking the meds.

ALEXANDER POPE in An Essay on Man said it all:


Finally, political leaders in the world are standing up against the Fascist New World Order take over of the Ukraine.

Below is a YouTube video of a recent TV debate between Nigel Farage, one of the more powerful voices in the United Kingdom and also the popular leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and Nick Clegg, England’s Liberal Democrat Party cheer leader and much disliked Deputy Prime Minister and EU puppet. (Clegg facing on the right)

With respect to the Ukraine, Nigel Farage stated that the European Union (EU) has blood on its hands.

Nigel Farage presents his case against uncontrolled immigration (like the Tea Party does) eloquently, easily beating the proverbial pants of teeny weeny Nick Clegg, the pawn of the Military Industrial Complex in Great Britain, who uses social issues like the Progressive Democrats in the USA, to influence his audience with double speak, fear mongering and “forked tongue“. Thank God, Farage brings up the existence of the Magna Charta.

You would hope that a United States’ politician of any creed or party would have the balls to say the same thing and condemn the conspiring of the US State Department (Victoria Nuland) and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) thugs and their Neo Fascist rabble to colonize the Ukraine with collaboration and financial help of the US Congress that gladly forks over 1 billion dollars of your tax money in dubious loan guarantees that will go to pay off Russian owned debt by the Ukraine. So much for Obama’s phony sanctions, after the US has  paid approximately 300 million dollars to the Russian Rosoboronexport company for 6 helicopters that the US will in turn “give” to the corrupt  Karzai led, Afghan government.

Blah blah SANCTIONS? US ASTRONAUTS ARE FLYING ON RUSSIAN SPACE CRAFT, perhaps they will now separate the poop on board?

The Helicopters are part of a 1 billion dollar Defense Department Contract with a Russian Owned Arms manufacturer, apparently this contract is canceled but 6 helis were paid for and delivered. I’ll bet you do not care or know these minor facts, how one corrupt group helps another corrupt group with your “dimes” my friends.

But why care? Your eyes are off “the real issues” now.

The (Corporate Fascist) State is at home right here and with the help of countless corporations, the Neo Fascist corporate interests  like IBM and Facebook are spying on you at home or while you shop (but with your consent) see the video below. Nah, there is nothing wrong with that right? Motto: From labor or Death Camp to Government with IBM’s help or equipment you can do it all.