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This is the debate that should be taking place in every town throughout the United States. This is what every American should hear.

This debate is a true lesson for the Republican Party that would like to exclude from their party Conservative Tea Party members, Independent thinkers and those with Libertarian views. This is a taste of the coming November 2014 Elections.

Out of control spending, unbridled immigration, false government information, jobs and real stupid bureaucrats are the topics here.

A true British leader, Nick Farage, who in Churchill style, does not back down. It proves that Americans are not the only ones under the “proverbial progressive gun”, by those in power who would like to sell YOUR INTEREST out. Similar speech and ideas are found among those progressives currently in the United States Senate and House.

Look at that poor idiot Nick Clegg, the Euro Pundit and the one in charge of stealing the real heritage and power of the British People (MAGNA CHARTA and SOVEREIGNTY) pulling out that American INDIAN Poster.

Poor Nicky, the collectivist, you have not learned (and earned) your lessons well.

Nigel Farage is the type of man any true American Patriot could elect, a British Ronald Reagan. Kudos Nigel, well done!