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You read the title correctly. Not a program for a puppy! Great title, interesting story and perhaps a “forerunner” of the fictional political thriller, conspiracy and computer spying literature so in vogue. Short and sweet, here we go.

img549First American Hard cover Edition 1980, with a great  dust jacket design by the fabulous graphic design company of Milton Charles/Myles Sprinzen. The book was previously published in 1979 in Great Britain by W.H. Allen Publishers.

img551img552Author Roland Perry (1946-) is a well known Australian based journalist, film maker, and well known for his books on Australian World War Two history. In 2011, he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his contributions to literature. He holds a number of other awards for his writing as well. Perry wrote a sort of follow up book in 1984; Hidden Power, The Programming of a President about the election of United States President Ronald Reagan, critical of the power of the pollsters and advertising agencies over the election process. Here is a review of another spy book by Roland Perry.

img550       More Milton Charles (1921-2002) designed dust jackets here.