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img599This is a Fontana Record of an obscure date. The record cover picture shown above is taken in front of the Royal Palace on Dam Square in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. So if you think you have heard it all in music, chances are you have never heard this type of Barrel Organ play!

Below is the story of this very famous street organ, named “De Arabier” (The Arab) after the figure on the front left side of the organ shown above. Watch the figures perform in the YouTube video below!

Before World War Two, there were approximately 30 organs that had hand cranked wheels. They were played around town in Amsterdam and in other Dutch cities.

In a copper hand held basket the “helper” would collect the “change” from the passersby. (The old fashioned way of “Hope and Change politics”)

img588Below is a fabulous Youtube video. The Arabier organ is playing in the Flemish (Belgian) town of Veurne on the occasion of a local festival in the Veurne town streets.

You will be listening to track number two on this album titled (translated English), “Along the Amsterdam Canals”, a famous tune probably dating to the early 1930’s.

Pure multiculturalism for those politically correct cross border minds.