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img531From an image to a word is how you learn. From a cave painting in Lascaux to graffiti on a wall, is there anything really new under the sun?

Civil discourse in society is the first step to pluralism, multiculturalism, assimilation and finally integration. Unless of course, you loose “meaning”, “understanding” of a language. This happens usually through confusion or by design through programs like “Common Core“, affirmative action and a host of other parasitic affairs masquerading as “progress“. What affects the “visual” affects the thought forming process and thus “language”.

img602 img603 Order, logic, “good graphic design” do not necessarily come in that order, or in any “order” at all. What is presented to be one thing looks like chaos and letters to others. What is represented as words to most might end up as a hieroglyphic picture to others and loose meaning in the process.

img590Sloganeering, catch phrases, attention grabbing words on the cover above have the same effect as the names shown below.

img600When society goes from a somewhat balanced mental order to an unbalanced mental disorder or state of confusion, a debasement of language takes place automatically.

img619Kudos Ken Smith, for a superbly written book, Junk English with plenty examples to choose from!

img620Every epoch faced a similar problem, some more grave than others, usually with a sharp decline in “values” or “morals”.

img624The decline is usually exacerbated by a decline in economic surplus value that parallels the decline in sheer intellectual prowess.


img626Sometimes the opposite takes place through the willful and skillful manipulation of economies, i.e. “sharing your wealth” for the “greater good of society“, which is nothing more but a slogan for the “ruling class” to take away from you, and assuring in the mean time, that the same wealth is preserved for them, through the stratification and tribalization of society. The same effect is achieved through the creation of war.


img623AYour Emperor now wears different clothes and does not transfer the State of his own power to the will of the people but does exactly the opposite. Instead of equal justice for all, “unlawfulness” and mental anarchy is prowing through the halls of power. Don’t listen to me, read for yourself, remember garbage in is garbage out and here is another set of kudos for a fine book.

img636img634img635I especially like the sixth phrase here and there is still time to prove the last phrase wrong but you must hurry up and do your part and not let the media control the conversation.

Here is a quote from the content of the above little book, The Portable Curmudgeon by Jon WinoKur at random:

“I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly”Michel De Montaigne

“That all men are created equal is a proposition to which ,at ordinary times,no sane individual has ever given his assent”-Aldous Huxley

Here is a quote from TwiceModern:

If you leave the stones unturned you will end up with crumbling monuments only.