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Cover of the 1974 Guggenheim Exhibition Catalog

Richard Hamilton (1922-2011) is in the news again. This very important British artist, the word painter would be to simple to use here, is the subject of this 1974 Exhibition Catalog by the Guggenheim Museum.img608 img609 Richard Hamilton Pop Art painter, who understood the American scene, but who did not visit that very same scene during the heyday of POP ART, his work vies with the best of the American Iconic painters and their themes, look at the above images and his immaculate prep and working out of the theme used. About his take on photography one can say only “look” and read his own words below.

img611img611textimg612textimg612photoSeldom have I read such an erudite explanation about an artist’s importance as in the accompanying essay by John Russell for this 1974 Exhibition which follows here.

img613img614img615img616img617img618The Tate Modern in London (UK) is currently showing a very large retrospective exhibition of this great artist and some of this very superb work can be seen on their site. The MoMA (NYC) shows some items from their collection on their site as well which includes a rather bland bio in my opinion.

Perhaps one of the best overviews of the “Father of British Pop’s Work” is on The Daily Beast here. An equal place deserves the review of the Tate Retrospective Exhibition in the Independent Newspaper on line.

Some samples of outstanding graphic artwork by the artist can be found at the Alan Cristea Gallery in London which recently closed their exhibition with works on paper by the artist. As I love art on paper, I wished I could have seen that exhibition!