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img655These are images of a 1973 novel by best selling novelist and children’s book author John Gardner (1933-1982) wonderfully illustrated by Thomas O’Donohue (1942-) with sepia illustrations from 13 etchings throughout the book plus the dust jacket, shown in a fine copy here with a somewhat faded spine.

Published by Knopf Publishers, the book also shows a very nice printing feature: Every chapter starts with an orange page with the chapter name on it rather than with the customary bland titles seen so often. I do not know much about the New York born artist Thomas O’Donohue (also known as Tighe O’Donohue), but his work is superb and in the collection of various museums like the Smithsonian and the Brooklyn Museum. His work is also found on web galleries.

John Gardner was a somewhat controversial writer of non fiction as well as fiction and an author who grows on you, read the interview with the Paris Review here.

img656img657The author is best known for his 1971 novel Grendel, which I have not read, so I like you must rely on this other source.img660 Gardner’s biography titled John Gardner, The Life & Death of a Literary Outlaw was written by Barry Silesky and a National Public Radio (NPR) review can be listened to here.