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camera4 011I like photographs and paintings of the “creative face” be they musicians, composers or artists in general. This record cover painting is by Ted Kliros. The record is a 1973 box set (Decca Label)

The 1959 revised second edition of The Listener’s Musical Companion by the music critic B. H. Haggin featured below allows us insight to various classical music and composers. This useful book gives an idea of the how and why of musical taste for a novice, but also what people listened to during the 40’s and 50’s. There is a section in the back of the book with the best recordings/respective labels for each composer according to Haggin which can still serve as a research base for classical music collectors today. The cover is skillfully restrained.

img661The typography for this book is by Edward Gorey, the cover design is by Diana Klemin who worked as a book designer for DOUBLEDAY from 1945 through 1953 when she was promoted to Art Director for the company, but she still continued to design covers for some of their publications.

Diana Klemin was a graduate from the 1944 class of Vassar College. She studied at the Arts Students League in New York and the New York school for Social Research from 1946-1952, her teachers included the well known modernist painters William Baziotes and Reginald Marsh. Diana Klemin wrote some children’s books, as well as, several reference publications related to printing and book design. Below a book first published in 1970 which is still a good reference.

kleminI have not been able to find much on Ted Kliros except that he must have exhibited work at the Ruth White Gallery in New York before 1970.