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img705Inspiration comes from many different sources, most come from observation. Riding the A train or the L, watching bikers maneuver that split second spot, unoccupied previously, but miraculously now yours. Hearing what passes for news on a twittery day or strolling in a park looking for an empty bench, howling with the wolves, eating your words but let’s move on. El corazon, el corazon! -by twicemodern

img706img708The cover designer and photographer Gilda Kuhlman, was production editor at New Directions during the 1960’s  and was married to Roy Kuhlman, the book cover designer and illustrator (covered in an earlier post)

Alvin Lustig the iconic graphic designer designed some of the Garcia Lorca hard cover books for New Directions originally and did a lot of other book jackets  as well for New Directions.

Federico Garcia Lorca was in a class by himself, a poet for poets and an inspiration for many other artists.

img709I have picked two Youtube video out of the many available about Lorca’s work.

Another one I like would be this one.