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      gentlemansviewpointNothing is the way it seems!

img580In the “inter-inner connected” and socially manipulated world this is what happens when you lose touch with your (connected) inner world. This example is a map, of a well known European town, that looks like another abstract labyrinth when you take out the text or the numbers, or things out of context and you are not accustomed to looking at the world from the top down.adventures

adventures2Take a phrase disconnect the words and you are cut loose from meaning or common sense. Politics will do this to you, the citizen, irrespective of your beliefs and where you live. The gap is closing and privacy is now equated with an open book. A red line has become a playing field of upside down little men in a sandbox that want to lead you by the hand.


When a country out of obscure motives, like the enrichment of the shareholders and imperial empire princes, can dole out an industrial order to one company under the guise of “defense” here is what happens.

The GDP of Australia (population of 22 million people) is roughly 1.5 trillion $US, why is the Australian Government buying 58 Lockheed Martin’s F35 fighter jets at the tune of 90 million USD each? Total 12.4 billion Australian dollars!

The United States Defense Department intends to buy over 2000 of these planes over time. Total projected cost 1 trillion USD.

Russiaforgives10 billion dollars of the North Korean debt in return for crossing North Korean space with a future gas pipeline to South Korea.

Protesters in Japan greet the self appointed NEW WORLD Leader or so he thinks! No Selfies here except for the bowing to a robot.

The greatest threat to the American Citizen is the “newHealth Care Provider. Check out its claws and jaws!

camera3 005

“Comrade Communist” Ed Markey, dishonorable Senator for 37 years from Massachusetts wants to introduce an anti hate speech bill that will curtail your first amendment rights. Sieg Heil Comrade.

In the mean time, the Gang wants to plunder a “team owner” for comments made, no matter how stupid, in the privacy of his own home. The “legalese rape of property” has begun.camera3 012A Crazy Ohio Republican mocks his own party, thinking we do not know how corrupt that good ole boy really is? Give me a break!

Johnny Hired Gun McCain has finally succeeded in bringing us closer to a war.

camera3 008But this creep (the Reid creature) tops it all, of course where you live or work any of these monsters probably are a common sight.

Shown below this creature is a land grabber, of course all of this happens in the animal kingdom only. LOL

camera3 006Have you noticed how fat these animals are?

camera3 009This is what your world looks like when it is upside down!