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img605 img606 img607At first the book cover of The Great Divide appeared a bit odd to me, I like Louise Fili’s work as a designer in general, and I like the jacket illustration by the New York based and sometimes controversial graphic designer Mirko Ilic who co-authored The Design of Dissent, with the iconic designer Milton Glaser, and the book The Anatomy of Design and Icons of Graphic Design, with Steven Heller. Mirko Ilic also teaches illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York. img714 The book started to make more sense to me graphically, looking through the book at the page layout which is a departure given the 1988 date from “standard Random House” design. The book design is by Archie Ferguson and the more you read, the more you look, the better the book layout is, in my opinion.


Each chapter starts with a chapter heading on a blank page.

What about a great divide? Here is the note before the introduction in Studs Terkel’s own words:

“The Great Divide bespeaks more than the deepening chasm between the haves-and have-somewhats-and the have-nots. It is the rift of race that at times, appears to close and then widens;not unrelated to having and not having.It is the split in the sphere of worship, rendering unto Caesar what may not rightfully be his and unto God  what may not spiritually be His.It is the cleft that has cut us off,one from the other and,indeed, from our selves.It is the breach that has cut off past from present.”

Prophetic words in 1988!

In the book, I found a particularly interesting, iconic and ironic commentary told relating to teaching, graphic design, the holocaust and a range of other things which I think opportune to share with you below, of the hard left leaning book world of Chicago author Studs Terkel.

In my “free speech” opinion, after some thinking, I would have perhaps preferred a book jacket by Art Spiegelman but that is beside the point. He is the storyteller below and also teaches at the School of the Visual Arts at the time of the publishing of the book, according to the introduction.


The Great Divide is worth the read as it shows how the other half of the Nation’s population thinks (and sometimes acts) according to Terkel. No there are no saints or sinners in this book. Pity that the easy divide seems to be, according to the book flap, between “fundamentalists” and “left leaning reformers”. That simply put, is too simple for my taste in a much too much politicized world.

Don’t worry if you are a parent, after the adaptation of the “COMMON CORE” program in the schools you will have nothing to worry about.

I am sure Art Spiegelman was just exaggerating the educational experience.(LOL) Using “Gleichschaltung”, through a Common Core program is how you create the next generation of so called “socially soft socialist sehr korrekt commentators“.