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Watch out when your politicians are trying to sell you the voter on the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership) that very secretive document your elected officials are attempting to hide from you. The Europeans, the common men, do not want any part of this.

It will permit fracking, GMO modified food, unhealthy chicken and a limit on privacy and copyright. It will allow BIG AMERICAN BUSINESS to sue entire Governments! In short f@%k the population big time. Shown below is something found on a German website where the population is very active and almost 500,000 have signed an anti TTIP petition. The ad runs through the internet, and says NO PRESENTS FOR MONSANTO or BASF (The number one Chemical company in the world), well known for its involvement with the Russians through their gas partnerships with GAZPROM. BASF is well known for its very checkered NAZI allied past. Here is the petition text from the English version on the site:

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP):

Our future is not for sale!

The proposed free-trade agreement “TTIP” between the EU and the USA serves the interests of corporations and not of citizens:

  • TTIP undermines democracy and the rule of law :  The agreement allows foreign corporations to sue countries for high compensation in secretive, arbitration proceedings when countries pass laws that could reduce the profits.
  • TTIP opens the door to privatization : The agreement will make it easier for corporations to earn profits from the public water supply and health and education systems, all at the public’s expense.
  • TTIP endangers our health : Practices that are legally allowed in the U.S. would legally be permitted in the EU. This clears the way for fracking , genetically-modified food production, and hormone-treated cattle. The agreement weakens the peasant and family-farming agriculture and grants the agricultural industry even more power.
  • TTIP undermines freedom : The agreement opens the way for even more monitoring and
    • IP undermines freedom : The agreement opens the way for even more monitoring and surveillance of internet users. Excessive copyright regulations restrict free access to culture, education, and science.
    • TTIP is practically irreversible : Once agreed upon , the contracts for elected politicians are essentially no longer  amendable as every change requires agreement by all parties. Germany could not unilaterally decide to withdraw from the contract , as it is the EU, and not Germany, who signs enters into the agreement.

    Therefore I demand: Stop the negotiations on the TTIP agreement!

    (Name and location to be added)

    You can sign the petition on line here (German)

The blog on the site is not in English but very interesting. Here is a video mocking the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is currently visiting President Obama and John hired gun MCCain is attempting an appointment with her to express his disapproval of her handling the Ukraine Crisis. The video is funny and mocking the various persons trying to sell YOUSmoke and Mirrors” for their benefit!