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So you are sitting safe at home listening to the main stream media hoping to understand what makes people tick and how the world works.

If you are  reading with an” open mind”, irrespective of the political side you are one and what party you believe in, here are hard facts visible in these links and they are graphic as well and not suitable for minors.

If you watch these videos you will understand what sort of forces were unleashed by the warmongering  NEOCON thug John McCain that Manchurian Progressive member of Government.

You will understand what kind of Neo fascist (Nazi) thugs are supported by Victoria Nuland at the US State Department democrats and ultimately by the US Congress. It is the  same group that brought you “Benghazi”.

In the video below you see the new” brown shirts”, young “fascist or Neo Nazi”, the Pravy Sektor hard core thugs that beat people in the streets of the Ukraine.

Is this really what the American Government and their coward Nato Allies want to support in order to have their corporate masters plunder Ukrainian resources for the benefit of Ukrainian, Russian, American and European Oligarchs and their bankers, stock buyers, economic rapists who keep quiet? Under the guise of helplessness they fomented civil unrest, chaos, higher prices and foot the bill to the taxpayers. Is this the Euro scam, the “drang nach Osten”? Is the 4th Reich coming to a place near you?

This is the thuggery and skull breaking type of New World Order that the IMF and the  banks will bring, together with the military industrial German led complex into the “New Europe”. Germany leads the industrial complex, the United States exploits the military power, the new European Union (EU) members will provide the soldiers and the global bankers the money.

No we are not Putin lovers!

Americans should take a hard look at these videos before you commit to voting for the  corrupt Democrat  bags again and again and their Rino enablers. Is this the chaos you wish for? Can it come to your street? Never say never when one side uses the race card.


There is no “patriotism” of any side here in these videos, only hooliganism. “Patriotism” here is an abused word, paid for by the Oligarchs who use hired thugs with misled  historical  re-written conceptions. When their street job is done they are shot in the back by other hired “contractors“, the “clean moderate Ukrainian factions” take over supported by Germany and the rest of the EU, moaning like Pontius Pilatus about the loss of life and property, meanwhile the stock markets go up. Your public assets and the public square will be “privatized“, your rights as citizens eroded, your laws will no longer profess to be “equal justice under the law“, but will be used as a tool for the corporate masters.

To balance the picture, one of the videos is from RT (Russian Television). Perhaps with the repeated scenes, it can qualify as “propaganda”, but the images are real!

The other video is from a private source on YOUTUBE. Make up your own mind about these shameful characters that burn down buildings with people in them or club them to death when they come out. This is what civil war looks like, the pictures do not lie.

Not on my watch, not in silence and not in my name. NEVER AGAIN. Do you remember hearing that somewhere else?

Just conspiracy theories? Huh, here is one for you. If Esquire magazine in their September 2013 issue can bring Alex Jones and his much maligned Infowars website into the American mainstream press with a multi-page article, after the officially sanctioned press has attacked him and similar sites for years, then even  liberals must finally think that there is some truth to what we already know.