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In some American quarters there seems to be a useless controversy brewing over the Confederate Flag, this in a country where displaying or flying a Nazi flag, the scorn of all decent men and women, does not present a problem. It does not seem controversial unless it is pointed out by a watchful parent or educator to indoctrinate in Southern Californian children in a written Common Core Program with a Holocaust denying text.

Hillary Clinton in the past has been on the forefront of the worldwide Islamic movement to ban anything critical in the press about Islam or Mohamed, all of this under the United Nations’ guise of religious tolerance. Not a word about equal rights for other religious denominations in Arab or other Muslim States.

In other words, you can build your church but I cannot build mine. Next thing you know is that very creepy Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, yes the one that votes “Present” in the Senate, who wants to introduce a “hate Speech bill”. Under his proposed bill, any opposition to the Islamization of America will be silenced. The bill was proposed under the guise of a bill needed in light of the Kansas City shooting at a Jewish Institution. The only “hate speech promoting”, Mr. Markey, in case you and your comrades do not know what it is, is the defense of Major Hassan by not executing him for his vile and violent “workplace violence“. The same applies by defending the coward Islamic terrorist Boston bomber held in jail at the expense of the American taxpayer.

I wonder if in any Arab (Muslim) Society he would be held with more rights than an innocent 16 years old girl held by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families in a lock up Psychiatric ward for more than a year, kidnapped by a morally underprivileged Governor and Democratic Legislature that steps on all Human Rights in the case of Justina Pelletier, who is held in this “Political Jail” out of ignorance and incompetence and subversion of the Judicial system. Shame on you Mr. Markey!

Now to the point of this post, the same Islamic unsavory characters who wanted to build a Mosque near the World Trade Center site now want to build a smaller version 3 story “educational center” i.e., a museum on that proposed site. De Blasio and Hillary will surely approve of this. What difference does it make? I could hear Hillary say: Dead is dead.

Do You sincerely believe she is fit to run this Nation anymore than De Blasio would be? So here is my “Confederate Statement” issued by the US Military a long time ago. Welcome to the Controversy Club! No need to buy tickets to this game.

img455 img456img457img458img459In case you are ignorantly wondering who Garibaldi was after whom the 39th New York Volunteers were named continue that precious education here.