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img818 shown above is a page from the book The Language of Graphics by Edward Booth-Clibborn and Daniele Baroni, published in 1979 by Harry N. Abrams Inc, New York.

Top left is a scarf by the Japanese designer Isao  Iwasaki. At the top right is a one piece dress with a printed belt by the very chic Italian designer Giuliana Coen (1920-2010) who was the creator of some of the world’s finest handbags. She was the founder of the elegant Roberta di Camerino fashion house in Venice, Italy.

At the bottom of the same page is a uniform designed by Jun Kanai for the waitresses at New York Yankee Stadium. The uniform serves as a double for the menu. June Kanai  was the US Representative for the Japanese Issey Miyake Design Collection.

img819The ties are again by Isao Iwasaki. The umbrella viewed here, from the inside, where a piece of cloth seems to be gathered up and seen from the outside with the printed belt holding everything together.

This link will bring you to really fabulous and enjoyable Designs: Giuliana Coen for Roberta di Camerino. What great vintage conceptual wearable art!