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Front cover drawings


Back cover drawings


Book dust jacket

What else could you wish for in a cook book? Great recipes, a cook, an artist’s experience of life, and a glimpse into Italian life seen by the artist, Edward Giobbi, as well as, a doctor’s point of view on nutrition by Richard Wolff, M.D.!

Before we get into this book, here is an illustration from the content of an earlier book Italian Family Cooking by Edward Giobbi.

img699What a great quick sketch this is! Now on to our book Eat Right, Eat Well – The Italian Way where all of the sketches and artwork were done by Edward Giobbi.

img689img690img691After having selected our fresh vegetables from this market let’s get on with a recipe.

img692img693img694img696Looking out the window, I see the locals reading the main newspapers in the cases hanging on a wall outside a local shop, that is what village life is all about. It is about mid-day, my rice has been slow cooking on the burner for a while ready to turn into this delicious recipe below.

img698Yes, it is a bit of work but in most Italian villages around noon time, there is tremendous traffic going home and some undoubtedly will have some risotto made by grandma on the stove!

img697I forgot to tell you that my neighbor keeps a few chickens and for that bacon, hold on right here, I am being told, I can’t give you any more secrets, but the rest of this book surely does.

It is too bad that the artist’s studio in Katonah was completely destroyed during a storm in 2011 and a lot of work lost but this legacy lives on Ed! The artist won a James Beard Award in 1992 for his  culinary excellence. Don’t forget to follow our first link in this post to see some amazing art work by Edward Giobbi.

Buon Appetito to my friends.