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Things are heating up in the Ukraine. So let us examine a few opinion articles in the United States press, still worthy of that name.

Lo and behold the venerable bastion of liberty and good old crony capitalism comes to mind, The Wall Street Journal.

Here are some comments on articles by different writers published on recent Opinion pages shown here with the headlines only. Usually one must assume that these articles may or may not reflect the opinion of the newspaper unless you own the “New World Order” some favors.

May 6, 2014 by Marco Rubio

img869A wonderful dissertation on how the Ukrainian currency can be saved or stabilized written by the John Boehner lap dog Senator from Florida Mr. Marco Rubio. Rubio explains in a one third page article how the gangster banksters and the people milkers will solve the Ukraine’s problems. Did Mr. Rubio have all this knowledge at hand? Perhaps he should work for the Federal Reserve and try to save the US Dollar.

Bravo Senator, not a word about the unarmed civilians being killed. Instead of your Republican enthusiasm for immigration amnesty in the USA, you should go to the Ukraine on a humanitarian mission and personally secure some visas for the lucky few computer specialists who gladly will work for some of your campaign donors. The boot licking  Boehner country club pensioners can be very proud you’re on their side.

May 8, 2014 by Nicholas Eberstadt

img868 Nicholas Eberstadt is a political economist at the American Enterprise Institute: blah,blah,blah. The article is probably all factual but the only HOMELAND I know that has for sure been HOLLOWED OUT is the good old USA. The article was probably written by someone who does not see his own HOLLOWED OUT country with potholes, leaking tunnel, decrepit bridges and 50% of the working age population holding out their hands for a government check. Russia, Mr. Elberstadt in case you noticed, does not have any real debt to speak of.

May 10-11, 2014 by Mr. Matthew Kaminski

img867 Mr. Matthew Kaminski is a member of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Editorial Board. Presumably the board agrees with him.

A puke interview with  William Browder, a whining do gooder, grandson of a leader of the American Communist Party, who now has a British passport and feels sorry for how the American Government treated his family.

Once  labeled by the press according to the article by Mr. Kaminski and attributed in that article to the Associated Press “Russia’s biggest cheerleader”. A man who did well for himself in Putin’s Russia, until something went wrong. Perhaps the “old ties” worked no longer?

In half a page there is no mention of unarmed civilians by Mr. Kaminski, but I am starting to understand that unarmed civilians being shot by the Fascist self appointed (with a bit of help from NATO and the US) Ukrainian government is not a hot topic for the mainstream media. Let alone Mr. Kaminski discusses the legality of “self determination” on either side.

I would like to show Mr. Kaminski, and those lovers of the “New World Order”, a real history book that perhaps will teach him or the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board to be more moderate in the next Ukraine or Putin bashing article with another descendant of the Comrade Club.

If grandpa Browder had gone a different way perhaps we would not be in the sh_t we are in now.

Have a look at the index and see how many times the name Browder appears.

A sampling here.

I gladly will make this book available to the staff of the Wall Street Journal. For a more humanitarian approach listen to the American Libertarian Mr. Ron Paul in the YouTube video below.

To the Editors and the Board of the Wall Street Journal and those who buy and sell the rhetoric from the left and from the right, look at unarmed Ukrainian citizens being shot and another video with citizens stopping a tank with their bare hands shown below in this YouTube video.


Is this the way to treat humans?