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The son of the United States Vice President Joe Biden, Mr. Hunter Biden has been appointed to Directorship at a large Gas producer in the UKRAINE.  Most of the gas holdings are is in the Eastern part of the Ukraine. (see map in the link) One of the members of the Board of Directors of Burisma, the company where Hunter Biden now takes a seat on the Board is Mr. Devon Archer.

Mr. Archer was a Senior Advisor to Mr. John Kerry (US Secretary of State)during his 2004 Presidential Campaign according to the Burisma company website. He is also a Trustee for the Heinz family office.

The non executive chairman of the company Mr. Alan Apter was previously a corporate lawyer with the New York law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, a company well connected in the past to the International Intelligence Community.


The New World Order could be almost ready now for WAR. The dividing line could be this river.