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img880 img881If it is Swiss it is about MONEY.

This 1979 novel Out by Pierre Rey starts out with a quote attributed to the philosopher VOLTAIRE (1694-1778) as follows:

“When you see a Swiss banker jumping out the window, jump after him. There is surely money to be made there.”

Bad advice, as the second largest Swiss Bank Credit Suisse has been fined 2.6 billion dollars by the United States Government, not for defrauding the people, but for helping Americans hide assets from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Interesting is the opening page of the book that reads: “The day the Swiss banks call the Mafia’s bluff there’s a $2 billion score to settle.” No pun is intended here. Truly it does say this.

I am so glad I have a good memory, and a well stocked library with some great book covers at hand as well. A very prophetic writer this Pierre Rey, don’t you think so? LOL