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img897 These two Italians have been at it a long time. This superb combination of author Umberto Eco and artist Eugenio Carmi produced a number of children’s books. Every story has a moral ending.



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Non American readers can skip the following paragraph which sits at the colloquial intersection of editorial wisdom and opinion.

My opinion is especially for American readers of the blog who are familiar with the ultimate American cesspool called “Never admit to nor be responsible for anything“. Better known under the affirmative action program as “You can get hired and never will get fired”.

This part every body understands who buys defense stocks, you do not have to be a genius not even if you are a General and run the Veterans Administration plagued with all their scandals!

The more medals the more scandals it seems. If your name is John McCain or Marco Rubio your campaign contributors will profit handsomely from your machinations while the rest of the brain washed democratic crap asses can, under supervision by chief thief Reid, wash their hands like Pontius Pilatus, but only after they put their hard earned money from insider trading away.

The LOVO (low information voter) common man continues collecting the crumbs and buys General Electric or Boeing stocks.This is why Rino’s (Republicans In Name Only) and Dino’s (Democrats In Name Only) accept the lies by their Government, obviously, because they make money helping to create war you dummy! Or in plain English as Umberto Eco puts it:

“When men stop believing in God, it isn’t that they then believe in nothing: they believe in everything.” 

img907img908img909 No, I am not going to tell you how it ends suffice to say that the General ends up as a hotel doorman.

img910img912More on Eugenio Carmi here or here.

Opinion: As far as General Eric Shinseki (Chief of the Veterans Administration), he has no honor left after he sold his soul to this Administration for a promised good pension, I think he sits on a proverbial political bomb. Any medals for incompetence? Other incompetent Generals who do not know what the word H O N O R means? There must be hundreds of them in the United States Army alone.