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cover design-Victor Lazzarro

cover design-Victor Lazzaro

img774International style, memory only? Of interest in this inexpensive edition is the actual afterword in the book by Professor Hitchcock.

img776img775With 95 pages of text and over 135 black & white photographs this book The International Style is still a good read. Was the International Style and were some of there influential members controversial in another sense? How about this book.

img845 img846A very interesting book Towns and Buildings is this wonderful contribution by Steen Rasmussen to our understanding of the development of old towns. A must read if you love to walk in European cities!

img559 img560 img561 img577If we like to go back further in time let us visit for a while with the grandfather of modern architecture John Ruskin.

img847 img848Completely unintentional was the presentation of these “green covers”.

One of things we are losing fast in older buildings in many European towns are these interesting leaded glass windows, outside doors or parlor doors usually made around the first decade of the last Century and once very common in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and some places in Eastern Europe.

img710img711img712img713The wonderful world of Art Nouveau or “New Art”, Jugendstil, Arte Floreale, to use some foreign terms here. Back to the days of Tiffany (USA) and countless other unknown masters. Filtering light where you could daydream and a world where sea urchins would come to life or where the trees would never be “in the nude” so to speak. Let’s move on.

img583 img584 img585 img586This series contributed much in the sixties and seventies to the knowledge of urban planning and make a good addition to any architectural library.