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Americans celebrate MEMORIAL DAY today. A tribute to those fallen soldiers who risked life and limb for the FREEDOM we can still enjoy. Over the centuries writers have chronicled battles and life on the battle ground. We must remember that history is written by the vanguards of battle no matter which side they were on.

I have chosen to present a few book titles at random which help to remind and understand what WAR is, was and will be, but also how we can each and everyone in our attitudes respect those VETERANS who stood for FREEDOM wherever they were needed.

In all battles, those men on the front line suffer the most, ordinary men who sometimes become HEROES when called upon to do the utmost, lay down their LIFE, in the heat of the battle. Let me start with a poem written by Lieutenant Albert Service, Canadian Infantry, killed in action in France in August 1916. (from the book Rhymes of a Red Cross Man by his brother Robert W.Service) it tells us what is foremost on the mind of a regular soldier.

img986 img987Many millions lost their lives in the first great battle of the Twentieth Century, down in the Great Trench War fought in Western Europe.

Who would have thought that twenty years later the world would fight another war?

img973 img975 img976img977img978img979 img980Behind every man who fought, there was a family, a wife, a mother and father, a brother or sister. With the many thousands of “history books” out there, talking with a VETERAN of any war of any age gives us another opportunity to understand the meaning of Life and Liberty, and what is owed to those VETERANS.

After that Second Great War of all wars, within five years Americans were again fighting far from their own homes.

img965img966img967The time between each war period was shortened after a peace was achieved. Was there something or someone who did not want us to have peace? Is any war more “just” than the previous one? Ask a VETERAN how they feel! Read another book pertaining to that period when men thought they were done fighting.

img981img982Again Americans went of to war, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, where next? Undoubtedly good and bad writers will chronicle their stories and the distance of time makes us think that time heals all wounds. Some wounds will never be healed when there is no life to be healed. But remember the poem at the start of our post and the men today, who  should be helped to live a life that heals.

The current United States Administration and the American People as a whole need to fight for our VETERANS and treat them with fairness, expediency and honor, instead of thinking that they are the enemy! The Veterans Administration (VA) quagmire has to stop. To understand a little bit about the VA and their scandals today have a look at a 1991 movie titled Article 99, a fictitious story about how this governmental agency operates! Here is a trailer from that movie.

The movie stars Ray Liotta and Kiefer Sutherland in the main roles, but the real heroes in the movie are the Veterans! In light of the current “Phoenix VA Hospital scandal” perhaps the meaning of this movie is not far of the mark! The President as “Commander in Chief” heard about the mistreatment of our VETERANS through the news, and if you believe that you will believe anything!

The motto here should truly be: “TO CARE FOR THEM WHO HAVE BORNE THE BATTLE”.