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If you can get though reading Chesterton (1874-1936), then you can get on with life. This was an old saying. Maligned and admired much like our very own H.L. Mencken, Chesterton never gave up, never gave in and wasn’t bashful in giving his views on many topics, in other words a man of conviction! This is unlike so many teachers, leaders, politicians, theologians and parents today.

Those were the days! Children were at play, outside, not on pills, with caring parents who knew right from wrong or wrong from right, who feared God in daily life and attempted to adhere to the Ten Commandments. There was a moral fiber that provided a compass for days to come.

Are you teaching “VALUES” or are you teaching the “FEEL GOOD ONLY LIFE” in your church, your government, your school, your house, your community?

Throughout the ages morals have been shown to be weak, but in the end they come back in most generations and are indestructible. The one belief, we can see the results of all around, the so called “feel good life” is always corruptible!

In the end, the old axiom is true, after reading G.K. Chesterton you have been armed properly.