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Amazing how such a tribe can divest itself of ancient history, probably of all history.

Since we live in a post political age now that everything has become imbibed with politics even and foremost religion, all religion at that, from Christianity to Islam, even Judaism will not escape their date with “true history“. My statement of opinion should come as no surprise to anyone who has studied history and a host of other useful and not so useful things.

Since it is easier to look at an historical perspective close up, i.e. in our lifetime, I will start with some books that describe “experience” and “vision” from a Jewish human point of view and not from a religious viewpoint of any kind.

Actually “God” or in the Jewish experience “Jaweh” has been abused enough by mankind over the centuries, that adding a religious zing to this post, is not going to wake up any dormant Machabees nor will any Jew or Christian pray more to whatever greater power they elect to believe in.

It is therefore easier to start in the latter part of the last century and work our way back in time.

Published in 1981 is this significant book translated from the Spanish Preso Sin Nombre, Celda Sin Numero  (as an unpublished work).

The Argentine experience of Jacopo Timerman.

Fascinating and sad at the same time, when we note where his roots are from and where fascism is very well cultivated by a portion of the population. Apparently, racial hatred can be and is a transmittable disease in a nation where so many Jews in popular parlance and junk English “did not make it“. All of this is happening in spite of assurances by Ukrainian and Western powers (the Euro-fascist Union) and the benevolent liberators of the sort like the United States Senator John McCain, Vice President Joe Biden and the Secretary of State John Kerry (who has Jewish origins). Of course, those who know anything about ” reality history” not the tweets of sorts, know the love Jews have for “promises”.

img882img883In case you do not know your geography, here is a map to help you.

vinnitsa mapOf course Jews, even the “Court Jews” in the Ukraine have nothing to worry about. Oi Veh promises promises. Perhaps it is true that “Those who raise their hands against my children will befall doom and destruction and in God’s wisdom such an event might not be at the time when it is called for, as the days and the centuries melt into eternity and only He knows the time of the Alpha and Omega”.

A totally different experience is the one, by Jon Kimche (1909-1994)  who wrote a very interesting book The Unfought Battle published in 1968 in the United States by Stein and Day Publishers. If Kimche’s theory is correct much of the Holocaust would not have happened with a forthright action of the British and the French who could have had more troops available on the Western Front than Nazi Germany! Forget about asking the average US Holocaust Phd about this one, and be sure not to bring up the bombing of the train tracks leading to Auschwitz either. Remember it was a Jew who told the Jews after WWII you can have revenge or a country but not both. (Author John Loftus in his book The Secret War Against the Jews)img700

img701img702Is there much reason to doubt Kimche? I do not think so and here is why. Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman, authors of Every Spy a Prince subtitled The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence Community (published 1990) on page 154/155 state the following:

” The Mossad’s leading force in Africa was David (Dave) Kimche, Kimche whose Eastern European family had moved from Switzerland to England was a Zionist and moved to Palestine in 1946. Kimche was recruited by the Mossad in 1953, after a few years in Academe,and quickly gained a reputation in the intelligence community for keen perception,excellent analytical ability, and a tendency to keep his feelings to himself. He is the true-life Israeli equivalent of John le Carre’s fictional British spy George Smiley. His interests lay in forging relations with non-Arab or non-Moslem minorities in the Middle East, but his specialty was Africa.”

Our Jon Kimche was the older brother of David Kimche and they wrote several books together.

img703img704Curiously the Raviv/Melman book starts with a quote from Numbers 13:1-2,

The Lord spoke to Moses, saying “Send men that they may spy out the land of Canaan, which I give to the children of Israel; of every tribe of their fathers shall you send a man, every one a prince among them.” ( rest assured in the American Jewish left wing press there are no “princes”, quite the contrary, most in my opinion are Democratic foxes in the proverbial hen house). So let’s move on to another more virtual experience.

img884 img885 img886Chaim Potok (1929-2002) whose first book, the 1967 novel The Chosen earned the distinction of the first book from a major publisher in the United States to portray Orthodox Judaism. The book describes the story of friendship between the son of a Hasidic rabbi and a secular Jewish boy from Brooklyn. A true milestone publication in American literature by a Conservative Rabbi, yes Potok was an Ordained Rabbi who served in the Korean War!

Certainly this Rabbi cum author had a vision of a certain Jewish life. The novel must be based on actual experience perhaps or surely his own. Approximately at the same time a contemporary of Potok, another American Rabbi Martin David Kahane aka Meir Kahane (1932-1990) took a different excursion into history with a strong vision for a Jewish State and coined the phrase “Never Again” loved by American Jewry as a whole, but quickly forgotten by the Jewish self imposed multi cultural leadership in America. His unfortunate 1990 assassination in New York by team members of the “blind sheik” (infamous for the first Trade Center bombing) led to the demise of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) those Jews who will not kowtow to “racially inspired violence against Jews”.

Perhaps remaining European and American Jews should pray hard for the return of the Messiah in the form of another Meir Kahane before the real one arrives.

On to the most perilous statements of all, and yes you are now in DARK TERRITORY.

WHY WOULD A JEW, ANY JEW, ANYWHERE favor a law restricting American Second Amendment Rights? Do they suffer from a hidden Stockholm Syndrome? Are they mentally ill? Are they traitors to the rest of Jewry? Or are they simply “misguided” by those who gladly tell you to the right and to the left at the end of the rail line?

Remember you are now entering the darkest of sordid Jewish minds.

Yet there is hope for some Jews and non Jews alike.

The two videos show the duality of two different views among the colorful spectrum of Jewish Americans, the place where you can be Jewish albeit of the right type only. Which tribe do you know can fore go a common historical root (perhaps that idea existed in some Jewish minds only) for the sake of political correctness.

What malady does this tribe and the nation at large suffer from? White survival guilt or the need to be like all others with no distinguishing marks for the J-brand?

To be continued.