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img070With the renewed interest in the word “slavery, slavesreparations, race baiting, old history, and blah blah blah, here is an example of a Fordham University Press educational text, Eyewitness Accounts of Slavery in The Danish West Indies by Isidor Paiewonsky published in 1989.

img071Loosely laid in the book was the page with the “commentary and advance praise” shown below.

img072Advice: Before you go on vacation to the Danish (not the kind you eat!) West Indies a.k.a. The “Virgin Islands” you best read this book in case the ugly American gets “questioned”. I am not sure you will encounter lots of Fordham University students there, but you never know, more than likely a few members of Congress so just in case. Now you can understand why the recent 2014 Bilderberg Conference was held in the “home country” of Denmark. If you see any Vikings you know you are on the wrong end of the island!