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img086This interesting volume for the Industrial Designers Society of America was published by the McGraw-Hill Book Company in 1969. The introduction and text was by Ralph Caplan. The intent was to showcase selected work by members of this national organization. The jacket was designed by Bert Waggott in the modernist tones of silver, black and white, a prelude of “in-colors” to come in future years. The original sales price was $18.50.

img088The photographs are in black and white. The book has a seven page introduction with 185 pages of content including the index.

This was a watershed year for publications of this type. We were a mere three years away of a planned exhibition in New York at the MOMA. This was the groundbreaking Design exhibition showcasing Italian design The New Domestic Landscape and American Industrial Design that was at its peak, but other nations were following and making rapid advances.

The book was an interesting showcase of a field at the time dominated by the large design houses, the icons of modern design but enough examples in all field are found to give us a fresh perspective of the entry into the Seventies when industrial design exploded. From looking at the index, we see the book is divided by sections with an emphasis on products for the domestic consumer. What follows is a selection we have made at random.

img089 img090img091 img092 img093img094 img095 img096 img097 img098 img099 img100img101 img102 img103 img104 img106 img107 img108img109 img110 img111 img112img113 img114 img115 img116 img117 img118 img119 img120A great resource for collectors, dealers, and all other lovers of DESIGN.