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From a great height, I saw a crumbling nation that lay fallow far below. Those that I once knew had gone and honorable deeds in high places were largely now unknown. New monuments were rarely made, visible reminders of what once was, were said to be forbidden by new law.

The wide open land was wasted from side to side, from the ocean far, to where the age old rivers flow, I saw but shallow waters.

I saw people on the street and few had smiles, too busy with what is not and from afar, so very faint, from somewhere I heard a cry. Preserve your riches, preserve honor, teach dignity to future men. For now, holdfast your children, teach them well, and you will weather this coming storm, be strong!

I tremble in the sun’s morning rays and hope my days will last to see a nation rise, much wiser than what had been before. Are they but dreams, gone, like melted snow? Could you, would you, yearn with me, yearn for the tender warmth of sun, for the wisdom that feeds the soul.

Nation, you have been promised much by your Founding Fathers, a Republic yours to keep. Now is the time to listen to your Soul!