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img140The year is 1969 and this book Bullet Park by author John Cheever (1912-1982) did not get a great review at that time in the New York Review of Books, perhaps it is time for the boisterous literati to change their opinions. Granted most readers love his earlier novel The Enormous Radio and for an excellent review of that well known title, I suggest you read the Mookseandgripes.com review which does an admirable job in few words.

img141For my part after a bit of digging, I think the interview in the Paris Review from 1969 is superb. The interview was done after Bullet Park was published, and after reading the interview I was even more inclined to read this book first. The dust jacket is very much Paul Bacon, very sixties hand lettering and a strong focus on the center of the book. I am not embarrassed to admit it is what caught my eye too! The dust jacket sold me on the book before I read a single sentence. I have always wondered if some dust jacket illustrators read the book before they designed the jacket. In the case of Paul Bacon, he did, read this fabulous interview in Outofprintclothing.com.

In 2008 almost 40 years after the original publishing of the book, at the Toronto International Film Festival, the French movie “PARC” premiered. The story is set in the South of France, but wholly based on the Bullet Park plot.

One of the characters is played by Geraldine Chaplin. No, I still have not read the book, nor have I seen the movie, but I am more intrigued than ever about John Cheever’s books.