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gentlemansviewpointAre some writers clairvoyant at times? Is there a grand correlation between a novel and reality? Or is reality now a novel?

Reality is “Rebels” a.k.a. fanatic Islamic Sunnis battling 60 miles from Bagdad. An American President who says no troops on the ground, and then corrects himself with boots on the ground. A Secretary of State John Kerry who would like to “deal” with the Iranians, and then publicly states again he will not. The grand old shadow, the non appointed by Congress “deal maker Jarrett” who works by “executive order”, just like Armand Hammer did decades ago. A Ukrainian “crisis” where the “democratically  elected” US stooge President Petrochenko acts indignant after his fascist forces use tanks and aircraft, and lo and behold, the “rebels” shoot down one of his aircraft. The son of Vice President “oligarch kissing” Joe Biden gets appointed to a Ukrainian gas and oil company. The US Congress Republicans and Democrats are tone deaf and mute. Here is a real story, the book dates to 1991.

img237 img239 img240 img241Thank you Mr. Clancy for your “foresight” in your book, The Sum of All Fears!

Our largest Embassy in the world built during Madame Clinton’s tenure is, you guessed it, in BAGDAD. The Embassy cost 750 million taxpayers’ dollars. Our, from under the desk peeking, Generals and Grand Democratic Strategists think they can defend it with a few hundred troops!

Does anyone remember the fall of Saigon? I am sure it is all that Global warming desert that got those Sunnis upset!

Who cares about American soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan, that will be going the same way shortly, for sure not these brave defenders of the truth who lost a brand new drone to the Iranians some time ago. Who got fired or demoted? My guess that drone will show up shortly in the skies of Iraq. Turkey will be forced to deal with the new state of KURDISTAN shortly. The Russians in the Crimea are depositing their money in new rubles in Russian banks, and all is well if you are a blind alley cat Progressive Democrat, or a snake pit Republican.

Watch out for more Red Herrings to come, in the form of an emergency “children” invasion at the US border, the new Holy Land. We are sure you have your own list of Red Herrings as well.

The first Crusade well over almost exactly a 800 years ago was the Children’s Crusade to the Holy Land.

Don’t worry the Generals and their Corporate Cronies from the New World Order, who preside over the largest military budget in the world have everything under control, or do you assume they are stupid? The only one who does not have everything under control or who is not in control is your Commander in Chief, your eternal campaigner Mr. President. Eerily similar to the plot in Tom Clancy’s book, The Sum of All Fears!