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img242Being a reasonable cook depends on attitude and the ingredients used. Fortunately, Princes and Paupers can have equally great taste buds so the real difference is in the cook who feels like a mighty abstract painter, swishing, stirring, dabbling and turning the knobs down or up on the burners. The real secret is not in how many burners you are using, but how you use them. Let me explain more.

img243No one will argue that a hungry pauper will devour a good or bad meal and feel like a Prince. A Prince being used to the best, if turned Pauper, will always have a bad meal until he is really hungry, and can prepare a competent meal for himself not worrying about the princess that used to sit across from him.

Let me show you what a great meal you can make in one pan or pot, the one the Pauper takes with him wherever he goes. Before you think about stirring the pot read the intelligent and eloquent introduction in this fabulous and hard to find 1971 edition of The One Pot Dinner by Hannah G. Scheel.

img246 img247 img248So one pot can help you to make a fabulous meal fit for a King, I mean Prince!

img245I love the combination of the literature and the one pot! More fishing or fish can provide the inspiration for any one of these two great dishes, I would go for the Curried Tuna Chowder myself.

img244Even the Pauper Prince can stir this pot, remember a wooden spoon is best. If you are British, don’t worry about the one pot just go for the fish and chips with vinegar. There is justice in this world though, finally the salmon and the Scottish will vote on their independence, after the Irish have been reduced to munching on their potatoes, by the way why do you think some folks eat baked potatoes with sour cream?