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gentleman 2The more one thinks behavior can change the world, the more we think it is normal when it does not.

Republican Senator Ted Cochran’s win for the United States Senate seat can be classified as the lowest ebb of party politics. This eternal Republican “Clinger” to HIS decades old seat was reconfirmed over those “evil” contenders, those so-called NEO KKK-ers  a.k.a. Tea Party Candidates. My oh my, what tricks in the R playbook not unlike the D playbook. They must have the same tricky handlers! The conservatives in Mississippi won the actual run off and the Rino’s had to have “Democrats” voting to keep Cochran in Taliban City, DC.

The lowest ebb of party politics determined by dirty tricks can be put in one image below. Good Luck to You Mississippi, you backwater of a doomed land!

img311This is a highly recommended “New World Order Plantation” read.

“Watch out they are gonna put you all back in chains” – those famous words by an American Vice President. You know who.