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1985 Published by Random House Dust jacket Paul Bacon

1985 Published by Random House
Dust jacket Paul Bacon

img304 img305This title World’s Fair by E.L. Doctorow won the 1986 important National Book Award for Fiction. In literary circles framed as our “own American Charles Dickens”, Doctorow has also been awarded the Library of Congress Prize for Fiction in 2014.   

Doctorow (1930-) also won two PEN/Faulkner awards earlier in his long career. This book has been sitting on my shelf way too long not to be read. I can’t even remember why or where I bought the book. I had never read any of the author’s other works.

Perhaps it was because I liked the title and have an interest in the cultural legacy of World Fairs, and how they shaped some, before the internet, as to how people from other countries saw other parts of the world at a fair, through movies, design, postcards, exhibitions, music and so on.

Or perhaps, another reason was the combination of one of the best authors, Doctorow, and one of my favorite graphic designers Paul Bacon. I promised myself that I will now read the book! Below is a great way to be introduced to the author in this YouTube interview with the New York Times.