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img374Here is an interesting book The Finnish Cookbook by Beatrice A. Ojakangas! This was the first book written by the author. The cover design was done by artist Wladislaw Finne (1919-2014). The early 1960’s saw a great number of fascinating foreign cookbooks published by Crown Publishers as the back of this cover shows.

img375This particular title published in 1964 was in its tenth printing a year later.

img376img377Perhaps all of this had to do with new modern kitchens and utensils or the love of foreign cuisine instead of mashed potatoes, I really don’t know. Eating out became an economical favorite pastime for the working man and woman, but Finnish cookery? Where would you eat Finnish meals? Is there anything really special to eat?

img378Since I cannot add anything you can taste right now to this post, I am going to let the author explain a bit of history in her own words.

img379img380img381img382img383img384img385If by now there is nothing on your stove bubbling or burning, then it really is time to look at a recipe and be adventuresome.

img386For more recipes and recipe updates by Ojakangas you can go to her wonderful blog here where she will take you with her on her many daily adventures. Absolutely superb!