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img318A wonderful book idea, well done and very interesting. The Literary Garden by author Duncan Brine takes us on a garden tour with his favorite selection of authors and their works where gardens and gardening play an important role. In a sense, we get a twofor, reading the authors comments in general you learn facts about gardens and gardening, and you also get a better understanding of the role the garden plays in famous novels.

img319img320So let’s have a look at the index to find out if we know the authors and books Duncan references;

img321img323img324img325img326img327Now let’s cruise a few pages to get some idea how this pans out.

img328Here is the corresponding piece on the opposite side of the book next to Duncan’s comments. In this case it is Lewis Carroll.

img329img330img331img332Interspersed throughout the text are some illustrations, but there could have been more. All in all, a garden book for a sunny day read outside.

img333The author did his homework for us by providing the reading list and surely there will be some authors we all like.